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Murder Metalheads
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This is a community based on the band Macabre. If you are joining for the first time, fill this out.

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albert de salvo, albert fish, armin meiwes, cannibalism, charles whitman, chicago, chicago metal factory, christopher peterson, corporate death, dahmer, daniel rakowitz, david brom, death metal, denis nielsen, dennis the menace, dorthea puente, dr. holmes, ed gein, folk melodies, fritz haarmann the butcher, gacy's lot, gloom, gore, gore metal, graham fredrick young, grim reality, h.h. holmes, harvey glataman, holiday of horror, horror, howard unrah, jack gilbert graham, jack the ripper, james pough, jeffrey dahmer, jerry brudos, john george haigh, laurie dann, macabre, mary bell, mass murder, mcmassacre, metal, minstrels, morbid campfire songs, morbid minister, murder metal, necrophilia, nefarious, nursery rhymes, patrick purdy, patrick sherrill, peter kurtin, peter stumpp, punk, rat man, richard kuklinski, richard ramirez, richard speck, robert berdella, screeching vocals, serial killers, serial murder, sinister slaughter, sniper in the sky, sodomy, son of sam, ted bundy, the green river murderer, the hillside stranglers, the vampire of dusseldorf, the werewolf of bedburg, the wustenfeld man eater, the zodiac killer, thrash, true crime, unabomber, vlad the impaler, white hen decapitator, www.murdermetal.com